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Serving as your councilmember since March 2019


Montebello is on the verge of a complete transformation. Your voice came through loud and clear in the recent elections – Montebello needed fresh faces and new ideas on city council to bring back vitality and prosperity.


I came in knowing my first term would expire after 18 months. I have worked hard to build the kind of record you would be proud of and you would expect from your representatives.


During my time in office we developed the MyMontebello app and increased transparency through digital and print media to keep you informed and engaged; we’re paving roads with cutting-edge technology that saves the environment and your tax dollars; and we’re bringing renewed focus to Downtown Montebello because we deserve a district to shop and dine in our own city.


Now while we’ve begun this transformation, change on this scale doesn’t happen overnight; and just because we’re on the right track doesn’t mean we can let go of the controls.


I want to thank you for the privilege of being your councilmember. This election season I’m asking for your vote to serve a full four-year term and see these projects through. Isn’t it amazing what “new” can do.


Thanks for submitting!

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