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"I am a resident of 30 years, a product of our schools, and a homeowner. I am deeply invested in the long-term success of our city. Montebello politics have been self-serving for too long. That's why I am bringing accountability, community-minded development, and 21st century thinking to how we solve today's problems for tomorrow's prosperity."

Our city council needs a representative who will do the right thing even when no one is looking. That is why I make sure I bring hard questions and make hard votes. I have been a proponent for easy access to information. To this

One of the greatest ways I've kept council accountable is by insisting on the creation of the Measure H Oversight Committee. Months after the passage of Measure H, there had been no discussion on the committee we promised to create to make sure your tax dollars were spent wisely. My advocacy for council to keep their promise will result in its creation by October. This is one of the many ways I have, and will, push for openness and transparency.


Infrastructure is a politically unpopular topic. It is extremely expensive, you can't put your name on it, and sometimes you can't even see it. However, infrastructure affects our day to day lives in so many ways.

I have voted for two major moves in the short 15 months I have been in office. The sale of our water system for $15 million while retaining our water rights for ongoing annual revenue, and the approval of Paving the Way - a multimillion dollar city-wide street paving project. The sale of our water system unburdened the city from tens of millions of dollars in structural repairs, and Paving the Way will rehabilitate streets that haven't seen any attention since the 90's.

However, we can't stop here. We have to take a hard look at our crumbling sewer system, and reimagine how we can use Edison rights of way as open spaces for residents and visitors to play and enjoy the outdoors.


The city continues to suffer from the affects of coronavirus. I am a champion for making sure the basic needs of our community are met. I have been a proponent for food security, rent assistance, and small business programs that alleviate the effects of a socially-distanced society. However, we still are not doing enough. I will continue to support and introduce ideas that secure the comfort of families and the future of our small businesses.

Community-Minded Development

The last two decades have relied on variances to update our city. Basically, we've been developing without a plan. I prioritized the first general plan in over 40 years and approved $300,000 in seed funding. The blueprint that will guide what our city can look like over the next 15 years is finally going to reflect the trends and technology of today. I am going to engage with you so we can complete this plan together, and create and Montebello that is the vision of all who live and work here.


The world is moving faster than ever before, and in more diverse ways. Montebello, however, has been slow to adopt new technologies. We need to take a look at how one of our greatest assets - our bus line - can play a role in the region. As a rider of four years myself, I envision upgraded tech like free wifi for riders, schedules that are optimized for ridership and efficiency, and bus stops that protect people from weather and provide up-to-date information. 

Montebello must also imagine how autonomous vehicles, ride sharing, and alternative modes of transportation will affect our cityscape. I voted to create a Bicycle Master Plan that will establish safe and protected lanes for cyclists. Over the next four years we need to make sure that plan is implemented and effective.


Our city is still heavily reliant on paper processes, our records are mountains of boxes, and information available on our website is difficult to find and scant. That is why I have been a constant advocate for updating our systems. Much like infrastructure, the effects are unseen but the benefits are tremendous. The Montebello Golf Course can now accept credit card and book tee times through apps, MyMontebello provides residents a way to report issues and get instant information to their smart phone, and our fleet of electric buses is steadily expanding. I will invest in technologies that increase efficiency and productivity.

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